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Timeline Wall

Picture wall


Are you looking for a fun and interesting way to display the memories of your relationship at your wedding?  Why not make a timeline wall!!?

How to do it:

Step One:  Compile all your pictures into piles separated by year and month (if possible)

Step Two: Decide what photos you are going to use and have the images enlarged and mounted on cardstock leaving a slight border for interest.  Print or cutout the numbers for the years and glue them to separate pieces of cardstock.

Step Three: Buy ribbon or string to and lay out the pictures as you will want them to hang

Step Four: Using glue adhere the images and years to the ribbon or string and let dry.  Once dry add a piece of tape to the back for extra support.

Step Five: Hang mementos from the some of ends of the ribbons/strings.  Create paper or floral garland to hang in between the years that tie in with your wedding theme.

It will be an amazing personal touch to a once bare wall.

Share here how you are incorporating your pictures at your wedding!!


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