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6 Ways We Will Rock Your World – San Francisco Bay Area Wedding Planner

Creative Weddings by Michelle

BridalTweet blogger Christine Dyer wrote an article entitled 6 Things Brides Consider When Picking a Vendor and I decided to see how Creative Weddings by Michelle stands up to this list.  So please read on to find out 6 Ways We Will Rock Your World!!

1. Brides Value Beautiful and Unique Details

– Creative Weddings by Michelle works closely with all their brides, asking questions, pulling images, and creating images boards for each of our couples.  Building things and crafting some of my favorite things, so if you have a vision in mind lets talk about it a draw up some plans.

2. Brides Value Experiences That Transform Them

– What is the vision you have of yourself for your wedding day?  Allow us to dream with you and make your dreams a reality.

3. Brides Value Shared Experiences

– Family & Friends hold a special place in our lives and sharing your special day with them  is so important.  Creative Weddings by Michelle knows this and takes care of every detail before, during and after the wedding so that you all can share the day together.

4. Brides Value Experiences That are Extensions of Themselves

– Do you want to be in the planning process, creating with us?  We love it when brides are hands on!!  We can design an idea and share in the projects or help with anything you just could not get to in time.

5. Brides Choose Vendors That They Can Connect With On a Personal Level

– Personally connecting with all my couples is a must.  We meet in person and make sure that we are compatible and will work well together right up front.

6. Brides Choose Vendors That They Can Connect With Online

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