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A Different Kind of Wedding

So I was reading the Vows section in the Sunday New York (its in the back of Sunday Styles) and came across an article about marriage of Kristin Koslowski and Holt Wilkins (written by Kathryn Shattuck).  Most couples when they get engaged they began to budget and plan for the magical day when they become husband and wife.  Not this couple, they did not want to spend lots of money and plan the traditional wedding, but they also did not want to elope and have their friends and family miss out on their union together.  So what did they decide to do?

They decided to have a different kind of wedding.  They invited their parents to come join them for Thanksgiving dinner and told them the afternoon before their would be “a special kind of show” at Lincoln Center.  Their parents came in from Texas and Florida and on the day before Thanksgiving they hoped in 2 cars provided by the hotel and met their children in Lincoln Square.

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The special kind of show ending up being a surprise wedding!!  Surrounded by their family their ceremony was officiated by a friend, followed by dinner at a local fancy restaurant.  Their parents were excited to have been part of the ceremony and thought the whole experience was perfectly them.

Are you thinking of  having a different kind of wedding and surprising your family but do not want to hurt peoples feelings because they were not invited.  Peggy Post suggests that you send wedding announcement out to everyone letting them know that the marriage happened.  This no way no one feels forgotten about or left out.  Emily Post would be proud!


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