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Memorable Wedding Ideas

Memorable Wedding Ideas

Your wedding day is the one of the most important days in your life and making it the most memorable and romantic can be easy as a few steps that you will remember for years to come.  Calvin Calkins, with Creative images by Cal, wrote the below article on how to create your wedding day with memorable wedding ideas.

Your unique wedding ceremony, your special vows, and your creative personal  touches will make your wedding unlike any other. You don’t need to break your  wedding budget to make your ceremony truly exceptional and memorable! These  wedding tips will reveal the depth of your heartfelt commitment and your strong  emotional connection.

1. Write secret love letters to each other and read them during the ceremony.  Reading your love letters adds an element of surprise and freshness into your  wedding ceremony that neither of you can predict, and opens you both to new  emotional connections that will make your ceremony extra memorable. And, it will  move your guests to deepen their understanding of and support for your  marriage.

2. Share some of your favorite memories from the early weeks of your romance.  When you include a bit of your love and relationship history, you not only  remind yourselves how much deeper your bond is now, you also allow your guests a  peak into the beginnings of the love you are vowing to enjoy for the rest of  your lives.

3. Include a few reasons you love each other in your vows. Write your own  wedding vows so they speak directly to what you cherish about each other, and  about the marriage you are creating. Nothing speaks more directly from your  hearts than sharing some of the many ways you love each other. You may want to  include in your vows how you’ll handle conflict as a married couple, to support  and grow your love.

4. Plan your wedding reception as an ongoing testimony of your love, not as a  guest-centered party. Too many engaged couples act as if it’s their job to make  their reception a tribute to their guests! It’s not. See to it that your  reception centers around the two of you, with special toasts, dances, family  acknowledgments, memories, and other events that celebrate you and your new  marriage. And, protect against alcohol from wrecking your special day. It’s your  wedding celebration, not a wild party.

5. Spend time on your honeymoon sharing your favorite memories of your  wedding day. So often newly married couples run off to their honeymoon expecting  non-stop physical intimacy, late nights dancing, and endless champagne. But the  truth is, you may be exhausted from all the months of wedding planning and the  wedding festivities themselves. On your honeymoon, take a day or two to lounge  around in bed, snuggled and cozy reviewing your special day, napping, and then  laughing about this wedding memory or that, and then napping, waking up for a  bit of food, going back to bed to review a few more favorite memories, and then  napping, and cuddling, and… we know that this time will also become one of  your favorite memories of your love relationship!

When you express your unique love in front of friends and family at your Wedding, it will  bring treasured memories you and your guests will talk about for years to come  with the help of Creative Images by Cal.

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