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10 DIY Wedding Favor Ideas

One of the major problems I see with wedding favors is finding something that the guest will actually use, enjoy and take home!! I have combed the websites and Pinterest pages to bring you 10 DIY Wedding Favor Ideas that I fell in love with and I think you will too 🙂

1.  My husband and I love books (many debates over the shelf space on our bookcase have occurred)-What a great idea to give your guest copies of your favorite books at random. Used book stores here you come!! I can already see how fun filling in the library card on the front will be!! Creature Comforts has a printable template here: http://creaturecomfortsblog.com/home/2008/8/5/its-freebie-time.html and others are available by searching “library card and envelope template”

wedding favor ideas
Image via The Knot

2. These favor boxes are brought to from Elli Blog. Click on this link (http://www.elli.com/blog/freebie-friday-diy-wedding-favor-box-tags/) to download the template for the boxes, tags and flower. Does the print not go with you color theme? Buy cardstock in the shade of your color theme and use the template as a guide create your own boxes. Be creative when filling your boxes – everyone loves to be surprised!!

wedding favor ideas
Image via Ellie Blog

3. Create a secret family recipe, package it up and give it to your guests. Everyone loves food 🙂

wedding favor ideas
Image via Pinterest

4. Give the gift of life by giving your guests pouches of seeds that they can go home and plant. Buy fabric of your choice, lay it out, and using a paper plate as a stencil, cut out circles. Place the seeds in the middle, twist the circle ends together and tie with string, rope or ribbon. Add a note before tying it a bow.

wedding favor ideas
Image Via mywedding.com


5. Are you avid coffee or tea drinkers?  Give your guest your favorite blend with a honey or sugar stick attached.  Add a customized tag to make it even more personalized like the staff at Evermine Blog did here:

wedding favor ideas
image via myownlables.com


6.  Give the gift of music through a CD of handpicked songs you want to guest to remember your wedding day by.

wedding favor ideas
Image via Brides.com


7. Give to charity that you both like in the name of the guest.  I LOVE this idea and would have used it at our wedding if it was not an outdoor summer wedding where the fans were defiantly appreciated!

8. Fans (since we are on the subject).  For our wedding we made fans using the following saying.  We had one on every seat for the ceremony with a pouch of birdseed.

wedding favor ideas
Image via www.juxtapost.com

9. What is your town known for. honey, walnuts, berries?  What are they not so known for but you love about your town?   Give your guest a piece of you by sharing your favorite things with them.

wedding favor ideas
Image via dearhandmadelife.com


10. Add fruit to the table as decoration and as the guests gift. Add a tag with your names and the date or have it simply say “Perfect (Pear) Pair”

wedding favor ideas
image via the knot

Did I miss your favorite?!  Share with us below what it is and how you made it!



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