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Amazing things you may not know about Sprinkles Cupcakes

I am on a cupcake kick from yesterdays amazing Butter Popcorn Cupcakes from A Beautiful Mess Blog.  If you missed it click here for the recipe.  So sit back in awe as you read the amazing things you may not have known about Sprinkles Cupcakes.




  1. For those who do not know Sprinkles Cupcakes is the first ever Cupcake Bakery.  Sprinkles opened the door for amazing ideas and flavors to be wrapped in individual baking cups and delivered to you mouth for a fraction of the cake price.
  2. They are the first and only (to this date) company with a cupcake ATM that is open 24 hours (I first heard about it on Bunheads and had to look it up – amazing!!)
  3. They have 25 different flavors (26 if you count the doggie cupcake)
  4. They do custom decorations – Yes even your monogram for wedding
  5. Most of Sprinkles cupcakes DO NOT have sprinkles on them
  6. They offer Gluten Free option(s)
  7. You cannot get any/all of the flavors in one visit. Not because they think you cant handle it – but because they only offer certain flavors on certain  days so before you stand in line look at the chart below to make sure your flavor is being served.
  8. Sprinkles is mobile and ready for your wedding.  Why pick one flavor when you can have ten!!  Great words to live by 🙂
  9. Cookies and ice creams are also on their menu.
  10. They deliver!!  Check with your local Sprinkles Cupcakes for conditions and fees

Why are you still reading this??!!!  Go to to get your cupcakes today!


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