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Change The Way You Approach Trending Wedding Flower Arrangments

Wedding Flower Arrangments

When you want to find inspiration on wedding flower arrangements where do you go?  Pinterest!  I typed in “wedding bouquets trends 2014 the other day and was given an array of different looks, textures, modality, and colors.  Here is some of what I found on Pinterest:

The Succulent Bouquet

wedding flower arrangments - bay area wedding planner

The succulent bouquet and décor arrived on the front steps of weddings everywhere last year.  The beautiful colors and texture really make this bouquet.

The Cascading Bouquet

wedding flower arrangments - bay area  wedding planner

Beautiful cascading flowers are romantic and timeless.  They cover the hands of the bride as she walks down the aisle and really showcase the flowers that have been chosen.

 The Textural Bouquet

textural bouquets

This bouquet will have a mixture of sharp and soft edges as well as hard and delicate features. A perfect combination sets the stage for a beautiful and intriguing bouquet.

The Ombre Effect


The ombre effect will take you seamlessly from one color to the next.  A beautiful way to paint your wedding.

Geometrical Shapes

Non floral options

Creating a forest of shapes for your wedding is interesting, surprising and colorful.

The Paper Flower

paper flowers

I love that paper flowers have made themselves a home in the wedding world.  They can create a romantic fairy tale image right out of a book

The Floral Crown

floral crown   floral crown2

Romantic, Vintage, Woodsy, Playful…  So many different adjectives, one amazing concept.  Being able to use different items to create these crowns makes the very versatile.

The Baby’s Breathe Bouquet

babys breath bouquet

Elegant and full bouquets of baby’s breathe will add a softness to any wedding.  Did you know you can spray paint these bouquets to make them fit with any color scheme?

So, now that you see what Pinterest has to say, I want to ask you, What are the 2014 Wedding Flower Arrangement  Trends?

Have you guesses yet?


So what’s trending?

Its you!!

Magic Wodsy Wand

You are trending – this is your wedding and you are free to do whatever you want!!  Be original be fun and most importantly be you!!


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