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Dressing Your Wedding Tables

Dressing Your Wedding Tables – Day 2

Happy Tuesday!!

So you have chosen (or your venue has chosen) what shape and size tables you will be using for your wedding.  Now is the time when you will revisit your image board for the color scheme and/or theme you want for your wedding.   For example purposes I am going to use the Romantic with Earth Tones image board I created for a previous blog.

Dressing Your Wedding Table

What color is your venue?  What color are the chairs you are going to be using?  You want to make sure that you have this in mind when you are dressing your tables.  They need to look good in the space you are using.

Lets us start by covering the tables.  You have different options when choosing your table coverings that can be mixed and matched as you please – Remember that this is your wedding and that there is no right or wrong way to do things.

These different options consist of tablecloths, runners and overlays.

If you want to have expensive and dramatic looking tables –  I recommend using a soft base tablecloth with an extravagant overlay. (All images are via Mimi & Co.)

Dressing your Wedding Tables

Dressing your Wedding Tables

If an overlay is to powerful for what you are wanting or slightly out of your price range use a beautiful runner.

Dressing your Wedding Tables

Dressing your Wedding Tables

Dressing your Wedding Tables

You can dress up any white tablecloth with these beautiful runners for a fraction of the price of overlays.

So what kind of cover are you using on your tables?  Share below.

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