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Rebecca Holden

Hello all and happy Friday!! Yay weekend.  I hope you all have something exciting planned for the weekend.  If not you can get your excitement started right here and maybe the momentum will carry you into the weekend.

Today we have the pleasure of having Rebecca Holden – Custom Wedding Dress  Designer, tell us about herself and her business Sior.  Come and meet her…

Rebecca Holden

I created Sior because after working in a chain bridal shop I realized all the bridal gowns out there (besides extremely expensive couture brands) were all the same. They were the same silhouettes, same designs and materials. I wanted to bring high end couture custom designs to the every day bride. I wanted to offer those unique brides who want to be more than the hundredth person to buy the same #192874 style gown, better choices for their special day. I know that I personally would never want to buy one of those mass produced gowns that you’d seen dozens of times before. And thus Sior was born.

Sior Creative Weddings by Michelle

Many people ask me what sior means, and how to pronounce it. See-or is Gaelic for eternal or eternity. Meaning that the custom dress I create for you and the designs I make for my own line are and can be timeless. They stem from classic designs and silhouettes that are forever in style. Giving you eternal wonderful memories of your perfect day. And that even though the band was bad and a bridesmaid tripped down the isle, you will never say I wish I had a different dress. It’ll be the easiest choice you make for your wedding.

Rebecca Holden

I originally began in the theatre. I wanted to be an actress, I loved being on stage and dressing up in all the costumes. As a kid and teenager I preferred to make my costumes rather than buy one pre-made in store. I may not have sewn them but I created them. I eventually changed my major when I realized I didn’t want acting as a career. I ended up at the Academy of Art University and that’s where I received my BFA in fashion design. My style changed from this to that but when I realized I was a vintage classic style girl is when I really figured out what I wanted to do. Taking inspiration from the past and bringing it to the present. Not just the look but the feel and lifestyle. My favorite era’s are from the 1920’s-50’s. Back then there was no casual. Women wore dresses everyday. Men always wore suits, vests and hats. And that’s what I want to bring to my company. The feeling that everyday is special and make that special day even more so. Bringing in a sense of beauty and individuality on a day that almost everyone in the world participates in, in one way or another, that has gotten so repetitive and main stream.


To see more of Rebecca Holden’s beautiful designs visit her website.

Thank you again Rebecca for sharing with us!!


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