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Tired of Planning Your Wedding?


Creative Weddings by Michelle

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Is planning your wedding wearing you out?  Has the happiness and joy of your engagement culminated into a pile of papers?  Why are you killing yourself?

Hire a Wedding Planner already!

Why get stressed out with the continuous sending and waiting of email, phone calls and samples?!

I love to do these things (I know its weird). 

Worried about untrusting vendors?

I have vendors that I know and trust.  We work closely so all hiccups can be addressed and fixed.

Up to your elbows in tulle, bird seed and ribbon?  Had to use acetone to un-superglue rhinestones from your hands?

I will take over all your wedding projects, go get a massage!

Have you hired all your family and friends as your decorating, ceremony, reception and clean-up crew?

You want these people to enjoy your wedding with you on your wedding day and not making sure that the cater knows the schedule for cocktail hour.  You only walk down the aisle once.  I will take care of all the logistics so your friends and family can be with you on your day.

So why are you still reading this??  Contact me today! 925-262-6409




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