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Wedding Decor

Wedding Decor

Any bride that has been to a bridal show in Northern CA has most likely heard of the magazine Wedding Star or flipped through its gorgeous pages at a book store.

(Below is a picture of the most recent copy – and yes I am plotting my next wedding just to own this dress!!)

Wedding Decor

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But did you know that they have an online store?!  This store is not your normal search for hours to find the thing that you kind-of-want wedding décor and accessory store – You can actually search by your wedding theme!!  Vintage, Rustic, Classic White and Silver, Wanderlust/travel, and more.  No need to view 60 pages of things you have no interest in having at your wedding.    See only well made items that pertain to what you want for you wedding.

What a concept!!  You have to come and checkout this amazing website and the ideas they have on it.

Did you fall in love too?  Share with us your favorite part below.

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