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Wedding Table Number Board

This weekend I started to create a wedding table number board for a wedding I will be doing in August.

What exactly is a wedding table number board?

Let me explain through a picture (so much better than words!!)

Creative Weddings by Michelle

Image via Project Wedding

So I bought a framed cork board with the intentions of removing the corkboard from the frame, spray painting the frame, wrapping the frame in rhinestone ribbon, wrapping the corkboard in fabric and reassembling everything to make a beautiful one-of-a-kind piece.  will to my dismay the corkboard and frame to not detach from each other that easily.

I have a theory that everything with a seam can be split and then glued, sewn, stapled, or nailed back together.  I was proven wrong by the cheap compressed fake wood of Target. All is does is chip away.

So I came up with another option …

Wedding table number board

Taping the corkboard to spray paint the frame and then laying the fabric right up to the edge with the rhinestones overlapping the fabrics edge to give the impression that it is wrapped.  So I started to tape the corkboard and my tape began to bubble (I had used the rest of mine on another project and had found this tape in the hall tool box)

Frustrated and able to see when to walk away from a project I just did that.

So really this is the 1st attempt of a wedding table number board.

Creative Weddings by Michelle  – Bay Area Wedding Planner

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