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Getting Organized 101 – Part 2

Getting Organized 101 – Part 2

Welcome to Part 2 of Wedding Organization 101.  If you are just getting here and have not had a chance to check out Part 1 of this series,  click here to find out how to start you book before reading on.

From here on in I am writing with the assumption that everyone has their Organizers in hand or close by and is ready to become even more organized.


What you will need:

Plain white paper

Three hole punch

Shoe Box

Scotch tape

Ziploc baggies (pick your size)

Calendar pages (These can be printed for free using Word templates)



Step One:

Print out calendar pages using Microsoft Word templates or buy pages at the store.  Place these pages after your to-do list at the beginning of the binder.  When choosing these pages make sure they are personal to your liking (weekly or monthly).  There is no reason to add monthly calendar pages if you cannot stand to write in small boxes.  This is to make things easier for you.


Step Two:

Grab a small stack of plain white paper and punch holes in it.  Place two or three pages in each section.  These pages will serve as your imagination space.  Cut images out of magazines or print them from online sites (making sure that you write where it is from, designer, etc on the back) and use Scotch tape to adhere them.  When you decide that you no longer like an idea simply remove it from the page and place it in your shoe box.




Next week when you find the perfect napkin rings that go with that branch centerpiece that you found somewhere… You will not have to try and go back through you internet history to find ‘somewhere’.  You chose it for a reason and, until the honeymoon is over, do not throw them away!!


Step Three:

Ziploc baggies are a great way to keep everything in one place, sealed and safe.  Use an adhesive to glue the Ziploc baggie to a white page.  Put the adhesive on the page, open the Ziploc bag, put your hand inside and press down on the page. Make sure that the glue has adhered to the bag before taking your hand out.  Putting pressure on the top of the bag before the glue is set can cause the walls of the bag to be glued together.


Use the three hole punch on a gallon size freezer bag and place it directly in the sections of the binder.  Hole punching smaller bags can cause ripping because of the thin plastic so if you are using smaller bags please follow the instructions above.


Pretty simple right!!  Now you are ready to face the wedding world.

How did your Wedding Organizer Book turn out?  Think of other great ideas to add to your book?!  Share below.


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