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Dressing Your Wedding Tables – Day 2 Happy Tuesday!! So you have chosen (or your venue has chosen) what shape and size tables you will be using for your wedding.  Now is the time when you will revisit your image board for the color scheme and/or theme you want for your wedding.   For example purposes I am going to use the Romantic… buy cheap priligy

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Dressing Your Wedding Tables Happy Monday Everyone.  I hope you all had a wonderful holiday yesterday. I was talking with one of my brides the other day about the importance of making a mock table – walking around the table, sitting at the table, and having people sitting on either side of you and then across from you so you… reliable medications buy priligy usa

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Weddings are very expensive and when you are orchestrating so many people and places and things together things always have a chance of going wrong.  Why worry about what you cannot control – Why not slap an insurance policy on it?! Michael Melia wrote the following article for the Huffington Post: More Couples Are Saying ‘I Do’ To Wedding Insurance… where can i buy priligy in uk

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I am a big fan useable guest favors.  I like to know that guests can and will be using the gifts that are purchased for them.  These are my top 5 favorite guest favors from Beau-Coup.com 1. A tea infuser that is in the shape of a tea kettle!  I know – adorable!!  They all come wrapped with a FOR… can you buy priligy in australia

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I was browsing Beau-Coup.com (Love this site!!) today and came across these beautiful decorative clothespins: The first thought that popped into my head was {can you guess?!}- I can make these!!   Or better yet I can teach you how to make these.  Thus the inspiration for todays blog. What you will need: Clothespins – Dollar Tree has these in a 36 pack … where can you buy priligy

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There are things that cannot be controlled at a wedding no matter how much planning you do. Weather Young children YOUR GUEST Try as you might no matter what you do you cannot control other people.  What they are going to wear, how much they are going to drink, and how they are going to dance.  But what do you… where can i buy priligy hydrochloride

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I am in love with Dahlia’s.  They are beautiful happy flowers that make me smile every time I see them.  I also love the look of large paper flowers, hence todays post: Paper Dahlia Tutorial. What you will need: Cardboard CD or DVD Pencil Scissors Glue Colored paper of your choice. Step 1. Using the CD or DVD trace a circle onto… buy priligy generic

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I love to boast and write mainly about my local bridal salons but the more I see of Twigs of Honey the more this post just had to written!!  Twigs and Honey (TH) is a Bridal Salon in Salem Oregon that  specializes in bridal head pieces.  In the years since Myra Callan’s began TH she has also branched out to include bridal gowns, separates… buy priligy in usa

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When you are buying your wedding dress there are so many options and with those options comes so many questions!!  What size should you order? Is it better to go big or small? Its on sale – if it has a seam cant they just make it work, cant they?! Today I am sharing Bridal Dress Tips from Off Beat… buy priligy new zealand