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Edible Flowers

I was at a networking event the other day at the SF Film Centre in San Francisco and at my seat for dinner was this amazing looking salad (name of catering company to follow – they were fantastic!!)               In honor of this beautiful salad – todays post will be about edible flowers.  I scoured… Read more →

Large Paper Flower Wall

I have been in love with the large paper flower wall idea for a long time.  It is colorful, whimsical and no two are ever alike. Today I am going to share how to make a gorgeous paper flower wall compliments of Kojo Designs. how to make gorgeous paper flowers October 3, 2013 By: Jordan Last week, we shared Keadryn’s Garden Tea Party… Read more →

Wedding Decor – Carnations

When you think of beautiful wedding décor  do the thought of carnations even enter your mind??!!??  I have long believed that carnations are a low cost filler that would better serve a bouquet by being left out of it all together!! Strong words, I know. But lately I find myself coming around to recommending them for different projects.  They are… Read more →

Change The Way You Approach Trending Wedding Flower Arrangments

Wedding Flower Arrangments When you want to find inspiration on wedding flower arrangements where do you go?  Pinterest!  I typed in “wedding bouquets trends 2014 the other day and was given an array of different looks, textures, modality, and colors.  Here is some of what I found on Pinterest: The Succulent Bouquet The succulent bouquet and décor arrived on the front steps of weddings… Read more →