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Andrea Casey – Lettered Signage, Chalk Boards and so much more

Are you looking for customized Chalk Board Art or Signage for your wedding?  Well look no further than Andrea Casey. Andrea Casey will meet with you, get an idea of what you want and create a custom piece perfect for your wedding!!  Andrea was kind enough to tell us more about her and what she loves to do, so enjoy… Read more →

DIY Yarn Wedding Table Numbers

DIY Yarn Wedding Table Numbers As promised here is the instructions on how to make do-it-yourself (DIY) Yarn Wedding Table Numbers.   What you will need: Cardboard Glue Scissors Pen or pencil Yarn (Use as many or as few colors as you like) Step One: Draw your number on the cardboard – Its a little crooked but I will fix… Read more →

And The Winning Wedding Table Number Is….

And The Winning Wedding Table Number Is…. Happy Friday everyone!!  Yay for Fridays!! Sadly there is no chosen by you table number winner because nobody voted.   So I am going to pick a winner. Hat please…..(shuffling through numbers)…… The Winner is… #3   Oohh this should be fun!!  Come back on Monday to see just how to make these adorable yarn table numbers. Have… Read more →

Wedding Trends

Lena Katz shares about 2014 Wedding Trends on ABC News: 2014 Wedding Trends: Spontaneous, Social and Shoeless Courtesy of Sandals and Beaches WeddingMoons It’s nearly wedding season, so congratulations to all couples en route to their “I do” moment. We won’t say “en route to the altar,” because altars aren’t a necessary element anymore -– and neither are white dresses,… Read more →

Antiqued Glass

Antiqued Glass So everyone, how did your glass pieces turn out? Here are mine… My first mistake – Spraying the vinegar and water mixture again to soon after the coat of Look Glass went on.  Count to sixty between each coat. My second mistake – I was spraying painting my piece upside down so all the silver liquid was pooling… Read more →

Creating an Antiqued Look

Creating an Antiqued Look I posted a crafting challenge on Friday to my Facebook page asking people to make and post pictures of their silver antiqued glassware.  I was a little disappointed that nobody excepted my challenge – and then I thought well maybe giving a little direction would be helpful.  So today I will be sharing Mary and Tim Vidra’s, author of… Read more →

Kinsley James

News from Kinsley James Bridal Boutique: We have a few trunk shows and events coming up; these are great opportunities for dresses and accessories! To set an appointment, please call (925-330-9228) or email us! The accessories events are also open to bridesmaids and mother of the bride/groom looking for the perfect sparkle to complete their look! Upcoming events: Magic Creations Accessories Event,… Read more →

Large Plastic Tablecloth Pom Pom’s

I was strolling through the web the other day looking for a tutorial on how to make large plastic tablecloth pom pom’s.  I was sad to only find tutorials on how to make small plastic pom-pom’s.  They are going to be used to float in the pool at a wedding with tea lights in them and I needed them to bigger!! … Read more →